The Cure for the Mulleygrubs

Subscribers of my newsletter were treated to a poem this week from Ginger Andrews called The Cure. In it, she offers a cure for the Mulleygrubs.

The Mullygrubs is that funky state of mind you fall into when you feel locked in. In the poem, sweet Aunt Bertha, living in Arkansas, is locked in when snow arrives and she can’t make it to the mailbox.

Her cure is to get up and bake a cake. And if that doesn’t work, put on a red dress.

Aunt Bertha is exactly right.  When you get up, you get into action. When you bake a cake you have a pleasing tangible result.  And the red dress?  That’s gotta feel great!

The Mulleygrubs would have you sit and stare all day; to zone out on TV or social media. In other words, when you’re in a funk and feeling locked in, your go-to state is to become passive.

They also force your attention onto your miserable self. All the blaming and self-recrimination muscles get a terrific workout when the Mulleygrubs are running the show.

When you get into action (get up) and focus on something that gives you a pleasing result (bake a cake), you leave the Mulleygrubs in the dust. Make a date with yourself and don’t break it. You’re training your brain to know that you’re the one in charge.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Focus on activities you enjoy. Start a new project or finish an uncompleted one. You get bonus points if you give it away when you’re finished.
  • Try out a new activity that you’ve never tried before.  Maybe it’s time to learn to knit, or wire wrap the interesting stones you’ve gathered over the years. Trying a new activity especially includes exercise. Maybe it’s time to try yoga or running.
  • Go on an artist’s date where you explore somewhere new. It could be a museum, an art gallery, a craft store, or a flea market – someplace you’ve never been before.  Let your curiosity roam free!
  • Spend time with your support network. Even if you’re just going to the grocery store, call your BFF to go with you. Or call a loved one and interact. No texting or email allowed – talk to them.
  • Whine on paper and get it all out of your head by journaling.  No one has to read it, and just the simple process of slowing down your brain activity long enough to get it onto a piece of paper will shake the Mulleygrubs.
  • Reward yourself. Develop a system of rewards for each milestone you reach.
  • Clean one thing thoroughly. The Flylady ( encourages you to make your sink shine every night before you go to bed as a reflection of the love you have for yourself.
  • Put on your red dress. Improve your appearance in some way and strut your stuff.

Have you been gripped by the Mulleygrubs? Comment below and tell us about your experience or share your favorite way to shake them loose.

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