Lessons from Nesting and Resting

How are you doing in this crazy time?  I pray that you’re well provisioned and able to shelter in place, and if not, that you are able to keep yourself safe.   Please remember that you are precious and here for a reason.   We can’t replace you!

My days are filled with unpacking boxes and deciding where things should be stored.  During this time, it’s a blessing to have a purposeful task while I’m in self-isolation.

Nesting is the order of the day, but restful crochet is the order of the evening.  I could choose to binge watch something mindless or fret over the latest bonehead political move, but I find It is far more comforting to pick up my hook and thread.

Life lessons abound in crochet.

When holding a finished crochet project, whether a garment fashioned from yarn or a lacy piece made from thread, it’s humbling to realize that it’s constructed of one long continuous strand of fiber.  One strand, twisted and looped and manipulated, becomes… something.

One really long strand of fiber can become whatever you want to create.

Like a human.  Each individual journeys through twists and derailments and joyous moments to create a life.   We invent as we go, and eventually what we fashion is always something useful.  There is a purpose in the byways you travel, though it’s often seen only in retrospect.

No one starts out skillfully in either our life or a creative challenge.  We have to learn as we go.  Remember when you were 18?  I don’t know about you, but I was certain I had all the answers.  I know a lot less now, LOL!

So simple and yet so complex.

I’m crocheting a piece now that’s worked in filet.  I love filet crochet because of the math. It’s a binary system, formed with squares.  Either the square is filled in or it’s empty.  The more complex patterns have variations with angles, but again, the space is either empty or filled.

And because of the simplicity, when following a filet pattern, it’s really easy to get lost.  Which row am I on?  Do I crochet the next row right to left, or left to right?  No wait, is this the top or the bottom?

To keep myself straight, I work bottom up and clip a piece of paper over the unworked portion to reveal one row at a time.  The only part you can see is what you’ve already done.  Same as our life, right?

Filet is precise; a drifting mind is not your friend.   A screw up on one row can mean disaster later.  And it might not show up until you’ve completed several rows.  (Ugh – don’t ask me how I know.)

Staying focused on what is in front of you in this moment is a big part of why creativity is so satisfying.  Even though inadequate skill levels often bring frustration, creative pursuits quiet the mind and dim the internal chatter.

The ultimate result is peace and satisfaction.

Tonight, when you’re at the end of your day, how will you rest your chattering mind?

2 Replies to "Lessons from Nesting and Resting"

  • Margie Gordillo
    April 22, 2020 (7:35 pm)

    I find the same type of inspiration from crocheting. I loved your article thank you.

    • Debra
      April 22, 2020 (8:52 pm)

      Thank you! I’m happy it resonated with you. Be well!

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