Hatching an egg

I’ve been pondering since I moved into my new home what to do with this hole in the wall.  There is a gap between two rooms.  You see, years ago the garage was transformed to a den and the entry through the living room is a gaping hole.

My desk faces that gaping hole.  The space cries for a French door but I’m concerned that it will interfere with the air circulation.  So, the opening needs to stay open, but it needs to be closed.

My way of handling it has been, so far, to postpone a final solution.  Idea formation, for me, works best when I relax into the process.

As a stopgap measure, I suspended a tension curtain rod across the opening and hung a sheer curtain.  I’m playing now with crocheting a panel to replace the sheer, but that crochet lace may end up being something else if I don’t like the look of it there. 

It’s still in process.

I have time

Probably like you, my life has slowed down quite a bit since all my travel plans for this year have had the COVID19 kibosh put on them.   Classes cancelled and refunded, a one-day workshop in Colorado abandoned in its tracks, and a screeching halt to all social engagements.

Maybe the whole COVID19 thing is to teach humanity how to be patient again. 

It’s teaching us how to allow solutions to arise instead of trying to force ideas.  The muse doesn’t react well to arm twisting, right?   Interact on a regular basis, however, and she will respond more consistently when you need her. 

But forcing a solution?  Not so much.

There are bigger problems

And now we have so much unrest and anger built up over longstanding injustices.  Each side has grudges against the other.  It’s part of an old familiar voice.  We’re pushing back against the years of dominating rulers forcing their agenda on the earth and upon society. 

Some say these problems are part of who we are as humans and it will never change.  I say, our problems can always be solved if we give ourselves enough time. 

Creative solutions take time.  They take a special kind of attention and we have a unique set of circumstances in our world now to focus on them. 

Rushing to find a quick fix rarely fixes anything permanently.

What’s in the egg?

This feels like an enormously creative time.  We are on the verge of creating something new.  The pendulum is beginning to sway.

I believe that our increasing creativity is a sign that we are starting to shift our ways of being.

  • I love that artists are holding Saturday Night Art Shows on Instagram and Facebook because art walks and studio tours are canceled.
  • I love that bread making is so popular that flour manufacturers have to work overtime to keep the stores stocked.
  • I love the abundant gardens that are yielding delicious vegetables and beautiful flowers.

Like art, like gardens, like cooking, solutions that need to emerge to solve our problems require time to percolate.

It feels like we’re watching an egg hatch.  We don’t know what kind of creature laid the egg; we will only learn after the baby emerges.  It could be a finch, it could be a fish, it could be a frog. 

We only know it’s something new and different.

My crochet panel could hatch into a curtain or a table topper. It could end up a shawl or a bedspread. It’s a creative egg I’m hatching.

In what new way are you creating?  Where is your interest shifting?  How do you stretch yourself?

What do you want to see come out of this strange hatching egg? 

2 Replies to "Hatching an egg"

  • Jeanette
    July 16, 2020 (10:38 pm)

    As always, a lovely moment to ponder, to create, and to exercise patience. This message will percolate within for some time. The interruption to life activities has been painful to so many and as you so eloquently express, perhaps a necessary pause to contemplate what we desire. Beautifully expressed dear Debra.

    • Debra
      July 16, 2020 (10:44 pm)

      Thank you, Jeanette. A contemplative pause is always good for the spirit, yes? I hope you’re able to create something wonderful during this time. Cooking, painting, dancing – it’s all good!

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