Change is Afoot!

I just returned from a lovely road trip to south Louisiana for a family reunion.  We gathered to celebrate my mom’s 100th birthday if she were still alive.  Our family silent auction netted $1,100+ and the entire proceeds were donated to the Acadiana Hospice for their loving care of Mom in her final days.

It seems a lot of folks I’ve spoken with lately notice how things are changing.  Not just births, deaths, marriages, graduations, i.e. the usual.  The changes felt cultural or a response to things being out of control.  (Like Hurricane Harvey last year). Along the road trip to the reunion and the drive back, I thought of all the ways change is showing up in my world right now.

First, it was a huge change to have a family reunion and not have the center of activities swirl around Mom.  There was no ongoing pinochle game where she presided.

Another change this time was the attendance.  You must realize my family is monstrously huge.  This reunion was paltry by our standards, barely 100 attended.  The ones that made it, though, had a great time and connected in a deeper way than before.  I count it as one of the best.

Here’s why.  Besides the smaller number, there was a different change.  This year, instead of the gathering spot localizing around my generation, another gathering spot formed where our kids and the nieces and nephews were hanging out.  The family torch of connection has been passed to the next generation.  I like that change.

I did see some beautiful country as I drove through the Ozarks in Northwest Arkansas.  I have a sister living in the area and stayed a couple of days with her.  She even had us singing together in a piano bar – hey, that’s a change I could get used to!

Mostly, though, I realized on my drive home that I am becoming a bit frustrated with Colorado.  My attitude has changed.  It’s not the place I fell in love with when I was 16.  It isn’t the place I moved to in my 30’s.  It’s drier and more crowded.  The summers have a lot more fires and the winters don’t seem to have as much snow.

The itch of change

I realized that I am feeling the itch of change.  Again.  It happens to us all.  When the itch for change begins inside me, I get restless and start rearranging the furniture.  I over organize and do crazy stuff, like alphabetize the spices.  I start taking different routes home – and turning off the GPS.

Do you remember the last time you felt squirmy inside and knew something needed to change?  Did you have forewarning?  Were you the initiator or reactor?  What happened when you realized change was afoot?  Please leave a comment below and share your experience.

One thing that will never change

One thing that will never change is my dedication to you.  My firm belief is that your creativity is why you’re on the planet at this moment in time and my goal is to help you bring it to life.

Creativity must be expressed, or it will pester you until you find a way to let it out.

My clients and workshop attendees are engaged, brilliant, self-reflective and creative.  I am honored to witness the growth that comes from shedding what doesn’t matter, doesn’t work or doesn’t satisfy and re-engaging with the creative calling that was there all along.

4 Replies to "Change is Afoot!"

  • Antonia
    October 25, 2018 (10:30 pm)

    Debra—I really appreciated your reflections. Yes change is afoot. It’s changing in how we connect to one another and how we enjoy our day to day experiences. Loved hearing about your sister and her changes. Blessings!

    • Debra
      October 26, 2018 (4:21 am)

      Thanks, Antonia. That change does feel like it’s happening at a deeper connecting layer, doesn’t it? Yes. I’m seeing a lot more gratitude out there too. I know you’ve done a heck a lot of changing yourself over the last year. Sometimes change just takes a grip on you and next thing you know, you’re in a different life chapter.

  • Lisa Raley
    October 26, 2018 (1:13 am)

    Debra, this post hits home to me! Just love what you wrote. Over the last few weeks I’ve been sensing a change, too. Not sure how it will yet manifest, but can sense it and feel it. I’m still in the “messy middle”, but it’s a good “messy middle”. By the way, I love the new name for your class! Yes, yes, and yes. #DreamsArising #canpictureit #eveninmyownlife

    • Debra
      October 26, 2018 (4:28 am)

      Lisa, I’m so glad this post resonated. I can see how being in the “messy middle” can perhaps make you more sensitive to the scent of change on the breeze. When it’s in the air, you definitely know it. It sounds like you’re being patient with the process (might you have been down this path a time or two before?). I can’t wait to hear what shows up for you! And thanks for the love on the new name. It was tough finding something that both describes the class and isn’t already in use by someone else on the net. That second part was the doozy. Love the hashtags!!

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