When you’re not done – Scare Yourself

I was once married to a house painter (seems like a lifetime ago), who hated hearing “done’nyet?” As he explained, by the time the painter gets to the jobsite, all the other trades have had a chance to shorten the time line. Everyone was under deadline, and he felt like it all landed on the painter. Poor him.

That said, I bet many service providers have had an impatient customer asking, “Done’nyet?” while pacing in the lobby. Pressure is not uncommon.

The difference between painting a house and creating a life for yourself, though, is that you can finish painting a house. The sooner you’re done, the sooner you leave the heckling and get paid. Pressure relieved. Then move along to the next jobsite.

That’s a sequential approach. Creating a life is more cyclical. Think of the seasons of the year, over and over again, presenting a deeper version of your lesson each time around.

It may be couched in different circumstances, but the soul’s work will be done. The sooner you pay attention, the sooner realizations will unfold and the puzzle of your life will become solvable.

Every time you cycle into The Lake of Unknowing you go a little deeper and get through it a little more quickly. You recognize your true self a little faster.

Wait! That takes a long time! A lifetime!

Yes. It does.

And we, like the impatient construction foreman, want it done NOW! I want my life solved NOW! As if it’s a destination, like a finished house. “Done’nyet?”

My sister and I have a standing joke that has resulted in the both of us owning really large book collections. We’d report to the other on the phone, “I bought a book! It will solve my life!” Then have a hearty laugh at the absurdity. But kept the book.

In 2002, that same sister, plus another, participated with me in a 60-mile Avon Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk. That’s when we really grew.

Between fundraising, the discipline of the pre-walk training and reciting the group mantra along the way, “Whining gives you blisters,” we faced our sedentary lifestyle challenges and fears of failure and health risks and just did it.

And this past December, when I left the J.O.B at the university and set out to take my new product to marketplace. I leapt again. It was time to scare the shit out of myself, so I did.

You can too. This is how you learn about yourself. Put it to the test.

When you’re feeling itchy, take a risk. Life invites change before it smacks you with it. Do it now. Scare yourself.

Feel the exhilaration of the leap into the unknown.

Amaze yourself.

I would love to read your comments below – how about a time you took a risk and grew? Or maybe you didn’t step out… there’s growth there too. Please share your story!

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