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This post comes about because a colleague of mine, Lois Hart, sent her new book to me.  I thought you might like to see how relevant it is and how you could use it too.

Folks in HR and Training and Development may remember Lois from many of her previous books (23 of them!).  Her field of expertise is leadership with a special emphasis on developing women as leaders.  She founded the Courageous Leadership Consortium, a leadership development program for women that is now under the wings of the Susan B. Anthony House. 

We met years ago through a professional organization, wandered our different ways, and renewed our friendship a few years before I left Colorado when we sat next to each other at a fundraising event.  She is now a loyal subscriber and followed my move from Colorado to Arkansas. 

How right she is!

I really wish I had a copy of this book when I relocated to Arkansas 6 months ago.  My move was sudden, unanticipated and absolutely the right step for me. 

Moving?: Saying Goodbye and Saying Hello by Lois B. Hart is a handy resource to remind you of all things necessary for a successful move.

For example, her moving model breaks down the process of a move into four distinct phases.  She then goes on to help you identify your moving style.  I learned that I’m a Sensor – when my body told me that Arkansas is “home,” I accepted that reality and jumped into action quickly.

I bolted straight to Phase 3, Plan Your Move.  I grabbed a 3” binder and created sections to describe in detail what my ideal situation would be.  There was a section for my new home, and others for new work and new adventures.   I used photos from magazines and gathered brochures and guidebooks.  Everything was in one place.

The photo above is from a section in my notebook called “Me First.”  I included all the ways I wanted to BE in my new environment.  It felt like a claiming of who I am and how I can express that authentically. 

That notebook created a strong magnet that pulled me to my new destination.

But I forgot one thing

The most helpful chapter in this book for me was Retain the Best!  She said, “As I watched many other people move, I discovered that most were so busy with the logistics of moving, like packing and changing addresses, that they forgot to invest some energy into their current and future relationships.” 

That was me.

I was so fortunate to have a well-connected sister to introduce me to her cool friends when I arrived.  Because of her, my circle has grown rapidly.  To be honest, though, I now feel a little lost and cut off from the friends I left behind. 

Lois, through her book, gave me a guideline to Retain and Relish my Keepers when I get back to Colorado in a couple of weeks to present Dreams Arising: Release Your Soul’s Expression at the Create Your Life Playshop.

I’ll be sticking around afterward to teach a couple of sessions of Dreams Arising and will use that extended time to meet with friends.  And then I’ll take this book’s advice and plan on how I will keep in touch!

When your next move comes, and it likely will, Moving?: Saying Goodbye and Saying Hello will guide you well.

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  • phil lack
    September 12, 2019 (9:41 pm)

    looking forward to September 28!! HEY!! I finally have a website!!! take a look

    • Debra
      September 12, 2019 (10:24 pm)

      Can’t wait to see you Phil! I’m really looking forward to getting back to Colorado to experience a bit of fall. Your website looks great – so glad you got that finished. I love that photo on your “about” page, maybe it’s the hat!

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