Choice – it’s all in your hands.

Now that Thanksgiving is over for this year, the hustle of our winter holidays begins. My Christmas tree is set up and covered with the angels I’ve collected since I was 16 years old. That’s a lot of angels.

Beyond the not so subtle reminders of the accumulation of the years, the sometimes hecticness of the season also brings mountains of uncompleted tasks.

Do you have a running to-do list too?

I’m nowhere near finished crocheting a particular gift and am seriously considering stuffing the remainder of the yarn into a box to wrap and mail that. I’ll finish it when I see her at the family reunion next fall. Hum, I still haven’t pulled out the candy recipes.

Plus, I have a recurrent stack of errands for the odds and ends that make the season merry and bright. Like buy more ornament hangars. How do you run out of things like that?

Good thing it’s only once a year, right?

It’s really all about our choices

The stabilizing factor in all this potential chaos is you, well, er, me too, and the choices we make. All of us, when faced with a decision, base our choice on whether it’s important or unimportant and whether it’s urgent or not urgent.

Some people thrive under pressure. They choose professions where every decision is important and urgent. Think of emergency room personnel; this is their life.

On the other side are the choices that are unimportant and not urgent. Like a Facebook post. Or the click bait in your inbox. Other unimportant choices can have urgency written all over them, like the ding of a text, or a ringing phone.

Sometimes it’s important to zone out in order to give your mind a short break. But here’s the deal: if these habitual choices are not helping you relax and are not important, why are you doing them?

The key, of course, is to make choices based on what’s important and get things handled before they become urgent. Decisions made in haste rarely have good outcomes.

That means at some point you have integrated a way to look at your life and your priorities and you know what’s important to you. This is a good question to bring to your coach.  (If you don’t have one, I can help you with that. Contact me to see if we’re a good fit.)

My invitation to you is to notice. If you’re rushed, how did that happen? Is there a choice you could make differently next time?

Are the things that are important to you being honored? That angel collection didn’t happen overnight, it was honored over many years one or two pieces at a time.  Now when I unpack, I honor the memories as well.

Where do you need to honor yourself this holiday season? What’s important for you to remember? Please comment below!

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