What I learned from teaching

I just returned from teaching my first ever Irish Crochet Lace class. Well, let me be clear, it wasn’t MY first Irish Crochet class. My history with crochet goes back my entire life. It was my first time to teach this skill to someone else. And boy, did I learn a lot!

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Do They Need a Hand, or Are They “Doing Stupid?”

When someone lends a hand, everyone operates from the place of gratitude. The person in need knows their situation will change and they come to you for help with that process. Disaster can strike without warning, and we are all better when we step in to help. Sometimes, though, helplessness becomes a way of life, and they are, instead, “helpless.” They’ve ingrained the habit

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Not my monkey – Not my zoo

monkey looking into a mirror: Anytime you think the problem is "out there" that thought is the problem. Stephen Covey

I don’t remember where I picked up that phrase, nor who coined it.  It’s probably the punchline to a tired old joke.

But I can tell you, it is one handy way to help you recognize your boundaries.

I remember a former co-worker of mine.  I’ll call her Mary.  She is a loving mother and grandmother.  Her son is a pretty good guy, but he married

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The floating weightless river

I am the luckiest crocheter… EVER!  What an experience! This past summer, I volunteer-crocheted two panels, each ~14’ X 10’ (yes, feet) as part of a public art project for the Canal Convergence in Scottsdale, AZ.  When I shipped them off with a sigh of relief in July, I never dreamed

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Create a Lifestyle that Works for YOU

“Get a Life!”  That’s what I told myself staring in the mirror in 2010.  It was 2 years after the end of my second marriage, the one that ended with a 911 call for help and an 18-month no-contact order. I had been tucked safely away in an apartment

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Who comes first in your world?

The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up. Paul Valery
You’ve heard the warning on the airplane – put your oxygen mask on first before you reach out to help someone else.  Seems obvious, right? Why are we reminded of this every single time we fly?  I think it’s because especially for women,

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