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How to Create a Container for Your Personal Growth

Personal growth thrives when we live in containers that encourage it. Not only is a cooking pot a container for your dinner, your body is a container for your well-being, your mind is a container

The day I quit flyfishing

You could say the reason I stopped fly fishing was because I felt sorry for the fish. I did. I felt terrible about what I had just put that beautiful creature through. That’s the easiest explanation. The deeper truth is more nuanced.

Time for a Change

Making a change is necessary for peace of mind, yet we all know that uncertainly is still afoot. A radical leap can work, but it can also backfire. If there’s potential for a big payoff, there’s an equal potential for a big loss. That’s the nature of risk.

Unfolding the New Year

The New Year is upon us. When the weather drives us indoors, this deep meditative time of year naturally invites us to reflect on what has worked in our lives, and what doesn’t work any longer.

Light a Luminous Fire

When we experience and hold joy and gratitude as a smoldering ember, that energy can spread like a fire. It fills our life with a positive energy that fosters creative thinking and generates strong connections with our loved ones.

The critical first row

Laying down the foundation is the toughest step, and it’s the step that pays the most dividends.