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The work before the work never ends

Beginning a creative project means we have to face our skill level first. We give up before we start. How did this successful author build her skills?

How to Block Creativity

Are you stuck?  Does the thought of sitting in front of a blank page or blank canvas terrify you?  Do you have mountains of unused supplies?  Does that make you feel guilty? That’s terrific! That crazy guy, Albert Einstein, said “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them.”    When you engage in your creativity and feel the deep inner joy of being in a state of flow, you will begin to think differently.  Your comfortable logical analytical way of thinking will be toast!  Careful now.  The delight you feel when you stretch your skills to ...

I’m sorry, please forgive me…

Those are the words that begin the Hawaiian ho’oponopono ritual of forgiveness. If you aren’t familiar with it, it goes like this:

Worth it!

I was at a women’s gathering where one of the ladies shared her experience with a recent European vacation.  She and her husband cruised the Danube and took an extra week to visit sights they had always wanted to see.  It was the trip of a lifetime. Then, on the flight home, they were upgraded to first class!  While sipping champagne and reveling in the extra room, she shared with the group how her mind drifted briefly to the giant credit card bill waiting upon her return.  Then she thought of the sights, the sounds and the encounters with generous loving people that she will always remember.  Just being in first class was ...

Step back

It’s easy to gloss over where we’ve been. Day after day we go about our activities and forget to notice the shifts and completions. When I reflect on the years that have passed, I can see

I Don’t have TIME to be Creative!

My colleague is in the middle of what no one wants. She has an in-home business, using a spare bedroom for her office. Three teen-aged rowdy boys plus a husband plus a large extended family makes this time of year even more hectic. Then her husband’s grandma