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Staring-straight-ahead Time

I am not a morning lark.  My niece is, though. 

I remember those times she stayed overnight with her cousin, my daughter.  In my pre-dawn fog, I could hear her chattering away, speaking too softly to understand her words, but too loudly to continue to sleep.

May as well . 

Try a word tsunami to create your dream

When I was a tiny girl, really young – like 2 or 3 years old, a big person asked me, “What’s your favorite color?”  I said “Green.”  That was a revelation!  I hadn’t decided on my favorite color ahead of time, so I didn’t really “know” the answer.  But my body and my eyes knew, and when the word came out of my mouth then my mind knew.  From then on, I knew my favorite color was green. Emily Dickinson has a poem about that. Words create everything Everything.  Not only does a word begin to live once it has left your lips or pen, but it brings other things to life. I think of our ...

Lessons from Nesting and Resting

Whether you find yourself working from home or your workplace, you put in a full day. You deserve a rest. If you're sheltering in place and feel stuck at home, you deserve a break from mind chatter. Engaging in a creative activity can give that to you.

Bored? Excellent!

Let’s face it, when you’re isolated, it can be tedious.  It can be monotonous.  It can be boring. You turn to your social media feeds and see all the clever things people are doing and think, if I were creative, look how much fun I’d have.  Plus, I’d have something to do. I wish I were creative… I’ve already written about what creativity really is, you can read about it here.   But you may be wondering, how do I even get started?  What IS my creative expression? The graphic above is how I see the creative process.  When you understand that it’s a process and that you can enter at any point in ...

Shaken to Awaken

I have never spent so much time on Facebook! My anxiety is sky-high right now.  I bought a house on St. Patrick’s Day.  I’m meeting strangers in my new home hiring them to paint and do repairs and measure for window coverings.  (germs!)  I’ve ventured to Home Depot twice. (cooties!)  I’m trying to get the movers to come sooner so I can shelter in MY place.  (I’m not packed!) And now my supplies are starting to run low, so I know I have a grocery store run in the near future. (Will there be toilet paper!?) So, in my downtime, I’m on Facebook.  I’m hungry to connect with my friends and loved ...

How to Transform Your Life

When I was locked into the day job, I had no time to explore things I was curious about, no time to hang out at the library and no time to design and make the crochet projects rolling around in my head. I was up early every morning sitting at the desk, selling my time and life energy to something outside myself. I wanted things to be different.