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The search for significance

Significance, in my mind, is a larger reflection of our impact. As creators, we want our work to matter to those we serve. We want to have an impact on the people we love. and we want that impact to be significant.

As soon as you say yes

In October 2018, I left a family reunion in Lafayette LA to journey northward toward my home in Colorado. Along the way, I diverted my travels a bit to visit a sister in NW Arkansas.  She had moved there 4-5 years earlier and had been nagging me to stop by. So, I did. Then I stepped out on her back porch and took a breath. My body resonated and I clearly heard, “You’re home.”  My first thought was, "Wait - ARKANSAS? What?? I live in Colorado. I love Colorado! My son and grandkids live there. THAT's where my home is!"  Yet, my spirit knew even though my brain did not. The whirlwind that followed over the next six months complet...

Changing Direction

We are creatures of habit. Researchers estimate that 40% of what we do every day is simply habits repeating themselves. Following this strategy helps you leap over that decision hurdle.

A habit a day

Our habits are often mundane and invisible until the accumulated effects show up.

WTF is going on??

Does it seem to you the U.S. is a divided nation? If you turn on one media channel there’s one story, a different channel tells the exact opposite story. How did we get like this? I have a couple of ideas and invite you

If I can’t get to it, I can’t get to it

If we think of our lives as a container, we get to choose what is allowed inside and what needs to stay outside. We do that by creating boundaries. We also get to create containers for what’s important.