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Time for a Change

Making a change is necessary for peace of mind, yet we all know that uncertainly is still afoot. A radical leap can work, but it can also backfire. If there’s potential for a big payoff, there’s an equal potential for a big loss. That’s the nature of risk.

Unfolding the New Year

The New Year is upon us. When the weather drives us indoors, this deep meditative time of year naturally invites us to reflect on what has worked in our lives, and what doesn’t work any longer.

Light a Luminous Fire

When we experience and hold joy and gratitude as a smoldering ember, that energy can spread like a fire. It fills our life with a positive energy that fosters creative thinking and generates strong connections with our loved ones.

The critical first row

Laying down the foundation is the toughest step, and it’s the step that pays the most dividends.

Dang! This is HARD!

When Dreams Arising came to life in 2017, it was a workshop.  In that 4-hour class, participants named their dream and shared it.  They learned all the ways we sabotage ourselves. We named six different Dreamkillers and by the time they left, they had a customized action plan and someone to hold them accountable. I found various places to present it to workshop participants and just loved watching the aha’s happen.  One of my favorite venues was the Blue Moose Art Gallery, That’s where I met Sarah Bennett.  Her dream was to create a one-day conference, a “Create Your Life Playshop” where creativity and self-development came to ...


The daily news media magnifies fear and anger as strongly as possible. It takes great strength (or shutting the damn thing off) to keep clear of the rampant emotional manipulation. The daily bombardment of tragic events, dire outcomes, and the evil “other,” strips our lives of joy and meaning.