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Bring back the value in what Once Was Lost

Visiting Ashdon Downey, owner of Once Was Lost, is like standing at the edge of a tornado.  You’re not so close as to be swept away, but the energy pulls you steadily into her vortex.  Her passion to bring back the value is contagious. I bring her story to you to illustrate how Dreams work.

The Power to Create Any Dream: guest post by Tama Kieves

When I first decided to change my career, I had no idea that I would be diving into a spiritual adventure. But really, any time we go beyond what we think we know, we are opening up to our own vivid powers. Living an inspired life will be the smartest choice you ever make. And yet, this choice will not come from your brain. Welcome to the heartland—and the spirited power of love.Many of us are now being pushed out of the nest of the old ways of living. We are being invited to trust our own core intelligence and discover new information. Your own beautiful life is calling you to grow. What if you could say no to your own damaging assumptions-- ...

Five fun ways to easily add creativity to your life

To me, being creative means connecting unconnected dots, or connecting the same dots in a different way. There are many ways we are already doing that right now.

Welcome to competitive martyrdom. You win!!

The Drama Triangle is a Dreamkiller. Competitive martyrdom keeps our attention focused on the drama instead of our Dream. It is terribly attractive and sticky. Awareness of the cycle helps us to stay self-directed, and we can take action to avoid being drawn in.

What is playing the music of your soul?

the music of your soul must be played whether it’s with a violin or a computer or an airline ticket to an exciting destination.  This is how you create a life of fulfillment and joy!

The 10 most common excuses for ignoring our Dreams

We think excuses are explanations, but they are Dreamkillers.  They force us to ignore our Dreams by focusing our attention on feelings of scarcity.