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The 5 best kept secrets for finding your passion

A feeling of restlessness and discontent has settled into our daily life. We’re either overworked or bored. Or the coworker (or manager!) who was merely annoying is now a real pain in the neck. Perhaps you can feel it. You could be hungry for change and have no idea where to start

Will your brain help or hinder you as you navigate your way?

It was the lack of a map that caused the frustration. Sure, we can pull up directions for a trip on a phone, but what if you’re driving a long distance and the charger doesn’t work? Now how do you navigate your way?

Are you paying attention? Your brain is.

Inputs from our five senses (what we hear, see, smell, taste, and touch) and from inside our body (like hunger) filter through the brainstem first. Overstimulation blocks the flow and paying attention becomes difficult.

A promise is more than a promise

A promise is more than a promise. When promises are spoken, an energetic bond is created between two people that leads to action. Here's why.

Are you seeking relief or seeking pleasure?

Relief is the opposite of pleasure. When we don’t engage in activities that provide pleasure, we are left feeling a bit numb.

LIFE is Love in Full Expression

As I reflected on that spurt of gardening, I realized that when we live a fulfilled life, we inhale love and we exhale our creative expression. Creativity is love in full expression; it's both a pathway and a doorway.