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LIFE is Love in Full Expression

As I reflected on that spurt of gardening, I realized that when we live a fulfilled life, we inhale love and we exhale our creative expression. Creativity is love in full expression; it's both a pathway and a doorway.

The two paths to career change that bring the most success

When it’s time for a change, it helps to know what career transition paths have the best chance of success. These two both work:

Bring a dream to life with baby steps

Visualizing only took me so far. To bring my dream to life, I had to act on it. To see it, I had to BE it. Here’s what I learned.

The insistent inner voice – are yours like mine?

Beginning a new project means doing things I know nothing about. It throws me into a state of panic. My inner voice reminds me I’m leaping off a cliff. Will I fly and soar, grow a parachute, or splat into a greasy spot on the ground? It’s veeerwy skeeerwy…. Does that sound familiar?

To find your life purpose, listen to the whispers

When we are around someone who is living their life purpose, it can be an amazing experience. I worked for a Chemistry professor for a while. Originally from Prague...

To Create a Fulfilling Life You Need 5 Containers

What containers do you have in your life? Naming containers can be a useful way to remind us to live life to the fullest. I invite you to declare a physical space or find a symbol for these five essential needs.